Product Review: Merax MT Imagine Luggage Set

August 9, 2018

You can’t travel without the best luggage available!

While some people love to spend the summer grilling in their backyard, others use their vacation days and airline miles to go on grand adventures. These adventures could be to Rome or Paris or Bangladesh, or they could just be to your aunt’s house a few states over. Regardless of where you’re going, though, you need good luggage to make sure your belongings make it to your destination in one piece.

The trick is finding the best luggage for your budget, without skimping on quality. You need durable, sturdy luggage that will survive being thrown around roughly by the baggage handlers at the airport, but you don’t necessarily need to pay hundreds of dollars to get it.

(Suit)Case in point: the Merax MT Imagine Luggage Set. While many similar luggage sets sell for $300 or more, this set of three spinner suitcases can be found on Amazon for under $100. It is one of the highest-rated suitcase sets on Amazon, and an overwhelming majority of customers have given it rave reviews.

JustReviews has combed through both the good reviews and the bad on Amazon and other sites to give you all the information you need to consider before choosing this set for your adventures. Is it really the best luggage available? Read on to find out!

Merax MT Imagine Luggage Set 3 Piece Spinner Suitcase 20 24 28inch

Product Description and Features

The Merax MT Imagine Luggage Set includes three suitcases in three different sizes: 20 inches (carry-on size), 24 inches, and 28 inches.  They are all made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a plastic designed to be both lightweight and durable.  Each suitcase has four wheels, each of which can spin a full 360 degrees, as well as a telescoping handle that can be pulled out or put away as needed.

The interior of the suitcase features multiple pockets for clothes and accessories, as well as one zip-close side to keep your belongings in place when you open or close the case. It also has a numerical lock on the outside, so that only the person with the code can open or close the luggage.

The set is shipped as one unit, with each of the smaller suitcases tucked inside the larger one, and it comes with a three-year worldwide warranty.

Pros and Cons of Merax MT Imagine Luggage Set

While the description and features of this set sound positive enough, it is always important to look at both the pros and the cons of a product before you buy it. We have scoured hundreds of reviews – both positive and negative – to provide you with an objective look at the benefits and drawbacks of the Merax MT Imagine Luggage Set. Let’s take a look!


  • Strong but light – No one wants to lug around a suitcase that weighs twenty pounds before you even put luggage in it. This suitcase is designed with ABS plastic to be unbreakable, but also light enough to not give you a hernia when you’re picking it up off the luggage carousel.
  • Sturdy – Many customer reviews address the issue of durability, and most of them are glowing. Several customers recount taking multiple trips to Europe from the United States with several stops and plane-switches, and found that their luggage was in perfect condition every time they got it back from the baggage handlers. (This is really saying something, as those baggage handlers can be quite rough!)
  • Quiet wheels – No one wants to be conspicuous when they’re rolling their suitcase around. This set has reportedly “silent” wheels that don’t give you that annoying headache you can get from the loud, dragging sound most other suitcases make.
  • Built-in lock – The built-in lock on each of the three suitcases is one of customers’ favorite features. They love the ability to program their own code, and to know that their belongings are safe even when they aren’t with them.
  • Good price – As mentioned above, luggage can be extremely expensive. If you want something good, you usually have to pay a lot for it, but in this case, that isn’t true. At just $97.99 at the time of this writing, you are getting three suitcases for less than the price of one.
  • Great colors – Another thing that impressed most customers was the brightness and boldness of the colors. Each set comes in one color (orange or red, for example), but the colors are very vivid. This not only makes them nice to look at, but also makes them stand out among the other (usually mostly black) suitcases on the luggage carousel.


  • “Not as tough as it looks” – This is a direct quote from not just one, but several reviews on Amazon. The luggage may be made with sturdy ABS material, but it is apparently still vulnerable to things like dents and cracks. Most of these dents and cracks are discovered after the luggage has been through a trip with the airport baggage handlers and machines though, so it is hard to say definitively if it is a problem with the luggage itself, or if it was improperly handled.
  • Poorly made – Building on the last bullet point, other customers have said that the suitcases, while a great value, do not seem to be of the best quality. They say that the sides are flimsy, and that they seem “cheap.” At this price point that is not unexpected, but some extra-angry reviewers have gone so far as to assert that this set is not even worth the low price it is listed for.
  • Weak wheels – One of the selling points of this set are the rotating wheels, but a few customers have complained about these wheels breaking or cracking under the weight of the full suitcase. This is not something you want to happen in the middle of a trip, as it is extremely difficult to lug around a giant suitcase that won’t roll!
  • Not the best zippers – One reviewer mentioned that the zippers on the inside of the suitcase stopped working after just a couple uses. Again, not a problem you want to have on a busy trip!
  • Locks are not TSA approved – This is a biggie if you are traveling on a plane, especially internationally. The TSA can (and will) open your luggage to look inside if their machines detect anything that could possibly be seen as suspicious. If they cannot use their own key to open your lock (many luggage locks are made to be easily opened by you and the TSA, but no one else), they will break open your lock to get inside the suitcase. One reviewer had the TSA do this to his Merax suitcase… and now he can’t use it at all anymore.

So, is this the best luggage set out there?

It is easy to say that yes, the Merax MT Imagine Luggage Set is some of the best luggage out there. It is affordable, it is durable, and it is secure. A whopping 72% of customers gave it 5 stars on Amazon, while only 9% gave it anything less than 3. This implies that it really is a great value, and that the bad reviews could possibly be a result of poor handling or using the luggage under circumstances that it was not intended for.

However, the thing that worries us the most is the lock. If you are are traveling via plane, you want a suitcase that is completely invulnerable to theft (or as secure as possible, at least), but you have to use a TSA-approved lock. Chances are, this might never be a problem as long as you don’t carry anything blatantly illegal in your suitcase, but it is also extremely common that the TSA scanners pick up on things that aren’t actually bad (like wrapped gifts, for instance), and the TSA agents have to open the suitcase to check anyway. If they can’t open the suitcase easily, they will break it open to make sure that there is nothing amiss, leaving you with a brand new suitcase that you can’t really use.

Our advice? This set of luggage is great for those traveling via car or train, but if you are going to be traveling by plane (especially if you’re going out of the country), it might be best to look for a different set.

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